Friday, January 10, 2014

Embracing less

It took me some time to come up with a New Years resolution of sorts.  I toyed with the idea of choosing one word to work toward throughout 2014, you know things like "courage" "simple" "focus".  All of those ideas seemed to lead to more and more words to focus on, and suddenly I found myself with a Thesaurus of words on my list.  It just didn't seem quite right for me.  Most felt too cliche.  All felt too broad.

I came across this image on  Pinterest and it seemed to stick right in the center of what I felt I needed for 2014.  I appreciate it's simplicity.  It doesn't hurt that it plays off of one of my favorite songs.  [[I know it's wrong but I love the version done in Moulin Rouge... Don't hate me.]]

In the aftermath of the holiday madness I have been feeling a little gluttonous.  I allowed indulgence in all of the things.  Tasty treats, sure, I'll have two!  Kate Spade sale, sure, I'll buy more to get free shipping-  such a steal!  And there was plenty of the phrase "Nora needs [this]"...

Yes, we work hard to have things.  But I don't want to need the things.  I hate feeling like I need stuff.  It's just stuff!

I am going to focus on wanting less.  

I want my 'more' to be playing with Nora.  Laughing with Jeremy.  Exploring our city.  Being a better friend.

Nora is napping and I am off to clean out my closet of all of the things.

Embrace the less.

xo, Jansen


  1. In order to cut back on my spending my husband and I worked out an order of the things we want to save for - a second car, trip to NY, house. Now when I'm at the shops and I see a sill $80 dress I won't wear more than twice and repeat our savings list and I instantly snap out of my object lust. Like you said, its just stuff. And I already have too much of it! Good post!


    1. That is a great idea! It's like a Savings Mantra. I saved the image shown above as my wallpaper on my phone. That has seemed to help some as well. Thank you for the comment!