Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Holidays are exhausting, but totally worth it, right?!

This whole blogging thing was meant to help me keep up with little Nora's milestones and track my fun projects. Turns out- all of the keeping up with Nora and creating the projects has taken up ALL of my time.  Which is totally fine.  I mean I definitely wish I had the energy- and lets face it- discipline- to sit down and write every few days about the happenings over here.  But, I really, really like to sleep.

I keep hearing little quips on the interwebs that if you don't (blog/instagram/pin/tweet) it, then it is like it never really happened.  Wait, what?  By that standard I think it is safe to say that my freshman year of college is gone with the wind, never to be heard from again.  Let's take a moment to thank the good Lord, shall we?  ahem.

Moving right along.

We have had some fun times over here.  I even have some photographic evidence to prove it.

trunk or treat-  Nora caught on really fast to the free candy aspect

The kids are over it.  Happy Halloween yall.

despite a bad fall and bloody knees, this gal pushed through- it was for the candy.

she totally got it.  no please. no thank you.  just grab and run.

visiting our dear friends in Dallas (future home some day-- fingers crossed!) @ Thanksgiving

Friendsgiving Turkey day 2013 in Dallas

the biggest turkey of them all

our little family @ by big brother's wedding 11/30/2013

I'm a lucky gal-  these guys, yeah, they're by brothers.  For the WIN.
-- Jacob, Me, Josh (the Groom), and Turner man - wearing the tie I made him!)
Tie pattern available here:

I shortened it a bit to make it the right length for a ten year old.  He loved it.   I have also made this tie for my brother Josh.  He even wore it in his engagement pics. Talk about love.

the sweetest flower girl there ever was. // this is the only picture we got!

You guys.  I am telling you I cried like a baby.  I was so sure she wasn't going to walk down the aisle.  In fact, I didn't even get her a basket or flowers to walk with I was so sure it wasn't going to happen.  The time came for us to give it a shot.  Jeremy kept Nora in the back with the bridal party while I waited, super nervously, up front. If I am being totally honest, I cried from the very beginning of the wedding procession.  But then it happened.  It was Nora's turn and I walked to the edge of the aisle at the front to coax her down the aisle.  Jeremy told her to "Take the flower to mommy."  and I literally had to choke back a sob.  And she did it.  She looked up and saw me and walked straight down, stopping only briefly to poke at the flower.  Afterword I found out that Jeremy was determined not to let the flower girl walk down the aisle without at least one flower.  He pulled it from an arrangement in the back.  He melts me. 

It was by brother's wedding and it was beautiful.

 In the coming days weeks I hope to share a little tutorial on this custom covered family recipe book I made for my brother and his wife.  I seriously love her.  Back on track-  this project was super easy and fun to fill with recipes from my family.  So- tutorial to come!

This tie- which you saw above was another fun project.  I want to come up with a way to lessen the bulk.  So perhaps another project is going up on my creative board...

This table is one of the five hundred reasons I haven't blogged in months.  I did two craft fairs and they were awesome.  Well, one was awesome, the other was meh.  They were such fun experiences and I think I want to do more in the spring.  No promises.  

And this guy.  Oh man. This guy.  I love this quilt and I will hate to send it to live with his new family (my brother and my new sister-in-law).  I was so naive in counting the amount of hours this baby would take.  I told Jeremy, "Maybe 20-30 hours".  Try 90+....  A lot of that was trial and error and probably inefficient use of my time.  ahem.  getting caught up in the grey's anatomy story line...ahem.
Also, Nora does not love the sewing machine.  I can only sew during nap and night time.  

But, he is almost complete and I hope to ship him by January.

Speaking of January-  Stash Bee 2014 starts in January.  I am so excited.  And nervous.  I can't wait to learn all sorts of new things.  Check out Stash Bee 2014 here!  


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