Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Diving right in to FALL y'all!

I really couldn't even wait another day without posting about fall.  

We visited a cute little pumpkin patch while we were up in New York this past week.  We had the whole place to our selves. Nora thought it was great for about seven minutes.  Then she was over it. We were able to grab a few fun family photos and she picked out some cute tiny pumpkins.
Jeremy was a good sport about having to be the witch.


picking her pumpkin

pointing at the airplanes

with Lolo + Lola -  had to wear matching Yankees hats
Plus, I was able to sneak Jeremy away for a quiet little beach date.  Extra super bonus.

In related news I am struggling to come up with a cute and creative costume for Nora this year.  The days are counting down and I've got nothin'!  Fingers crossed I get struck by a creative lightning bolt ASAP.

For a little bit of nostalgic fun, here are some fall pictures from last year.  I can hardly believe how much she has changed. 
Nora last year at the pumpkin patch at Carter Mountain Orchard in Charlottesville, VA

seriously, those legs!!

80's jazz aerobics instructor - Halloween 2012
"and step, and step, and lift, and lift!"
Man.  How am I ever going to top the cuteness factor of that costume??

Now I am off to decorate the house with gourds and festive garlands!

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